Guest Blog: Dawn Robinson

In summer 2015 I was on a mission. Well, actually I had to do my MA dissertation piece. The task was to create a piece of work, which you always wanted to do. So I had a little think about and I asked myself- what has really been something I did not expect when I came to Britain? (What I did on September 2014 for my MA in performance)

And I knew what that was: Still not being a part of something, still being different, still being asked all the time where I come from (just so that you understand what I am talking about- I was born and raised in Germany, but have British parents and a British passport).

So I thought: Dawn-this is your chance! Try your best and try to become “proper British”-so a lifetime of questions about my origin would end!

I started my research on really British things to do, habits, media culture, foods and peoples opinions. What I found really interesting was, how conscious people were when I asked them what they think is proper British. My journey through British culture began (it obviously already had began when I moved here-but now I was really on it!) I found out about the chuckle brothers, read “Chavs”, heard about food I never even thought of and finally, found out about the British way of having a Barbecue.

Now I don’t want to tell too much of what I did next…all I can say, I did my research well, did not spare any efforts and did my best to become “proper British”.

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