Guest blog: CrossLine Theatre

Ahead of CrossLine Theatre’s second appearance at Calm Down Dear this autumn, Kara (co-director) talks to us about why she thinks we need to talk about porn more.

This is why I never get tired of talking about porn.

There are worlds of sexual interaction and relationships out there as diverse as the mold in that Tupperware we all have
hidden away under our beds. I don’t mean to compare sex to moldy Tupperware, but at the same time they have a lot in common: both occur naturally, can be incredibly beautiful, and are often silently hidden away in our bedrooms for fear that our flatmates will judge us.

Working on Cream Pie has been incredibly eye-opening for me. I came into this project with a very neutral opinion of porn. On the sexual spectrum I am vanilla, as mainstream as it comes. I had no idea the scope of what was out in the world of internet porn, I had never bothered to look. The more I researched the porn world and interviewed industry professionals, the more I realised how much is out there. Porn actors are paid (most of the time) to re-enact everything from role-play fantasies to ‘consensual non-consent’ to love making. Even the most prohibited sexual scripts are explored through animation. It is all there, just a click away.

Kids who can barely walk are already playing on their parents iPhones/iPads/computers, P1020376they are already learning skills that I did not have until I was 16. There are age restrictions on pornographic content on most search engines, but they are no obstacle for millennials. Their true function is not to keep your kids safe, but to stop you from being able to sue Google or Bing or Yahoo if your kid stumbles upon inappropriate content. This is where the danger lies.

Making porn illegal is not the answer, all that does is further stifle our sexuality. Controlling the internet is impossible, so the content will always be readily available. After a year of working on Cream Pie the solution I am committing to is simple: talk about it. Talk about porn, talk about sex, talk about the internet, talk about what is real and what is only part of the porn world, talk about it all with anyone and everyone you feel comfortable with.

Cream Pie has lead to me to have many conversations that I would have otherwise sprinted away from, and I am so grateful for it. I’ve had incredible conversations with friends about sex education and the impact porn has had on their sex lives, opened up to my mother about the importance of this topic, even discussed porn with complete strangers. Through these conversations my ideas of feminism, sexuality, consent, and education have been challenged and changed. I have learned new things, and I have had the opportunity to open others up to new ideas. This why I will never get tired of talking about porn.

So, that is my challenge to you: talk to someone about porn, sex, or sexual health. Allow yourself to debate, agree to disagree if you need to, but open yourself up to the release you get from finally taking off the muzzle (or putting it on) and talking about that moldy Tupperware under your bed. Talk about porn.