Guest Blog: CPT’s Brexit Carnival is coming soon!

CPT Artistic Director, Brian Logan, talks about our Brexit Carnival, why we’re having it and why you should see during this time of uncertainty.

Brexit Carnival will be here on Friday 29 March 10 at 7pm. Click here to find out more.

Will we? Won’t we? Deal – or no deal? At the time of writing, who knows how Brexit will turn out, and whether we’ll be exiting the EU, after all, on the long appointed date of Friday 29th March. Either way, Camden People’s Theatre will be marking the fateful date, with a for-one-night-only spectacular starring our best-loved artists. It’ll be part wake, part support group and one hundred percent entertainment, as theatre-makers, cabaret stars, comedians and audiences gather to grieve for Europe / embrace national liberation (delete as appropriate) – and tend to the wounded after three long years of self-inflicted Brexit battering.

The acts involved are all creating brand new performances for this so-called Brexit Carnival. They include the cabaret artist Xnthony – with a lament for the UK’s membership of the EU through the lens of Irishness – and the fast-rising theatre gunslingers Dirty Rascals. Paula Varjack – fresh from her success with fashionista solo show The Cult of K*nzo – takes part, alongside writer, performer, podcaster, and comedian (and creator of CPT hit I, Amdram) Hannah Maxwell. “Representing the rhythm of the streets” is the theatre collective High Rise, while the MC for the event is one of CPT’s favourite performers, the first ever Drag King to win the crown at DRAG IDOL UK, LoUis CYfer aka Lucy Jane Parkinson.

It’s a stellar lineup, promising laughter, tears and new perspectives on the national trauma / political omnishambles of Brexit. Even if – as (at time of writing)remains perfectly possible – we don’t yet do anything of the sort.