Guest Blog: A choose-your-own blog by Theatre, JK

Theatre & Dragons is interactive show where you the audience make the decisions. You hold all the responsibility. In their guest blog Theatre, JK introduce you to this choosing power as they share a bit more about their show and who they are. 

Theatre & Dragons is taking place in the basement on Sat 18 March at 6pm. Tickets are going fast so grab yours now

This blog is a little unusual, it’s a choose-your-own-blog, blog. Notice the little number. Yes, the 1. That’s because you’re on the first bit of the page. Please don’t try and read this linearly, it won’t work. Also it’s cheating. You will be faced with a decision, then you just follow the number in the brackets to the next part of the page.

Now would you like to know something about

The company? (3)


The show? (6)

After a show Andrew once referred to himself as a phenomenon and that he is. This performance phenomenon brings a number of essential things to the show such as really long jokes with terrible punch lines, encyclopedic knowledge of Captain America and of course a flair for the romantic scenes. Andrew is glad the show date got moved around from original discussions as the 11th of March is his anniversary. He really likes bears and hopes that the show will go well.

Now would you like to know a little more about the show? (6)
Or not? (4)

So you want to know about the show… got you! I bet you looked back up to check your numbers. So you want to know a little about us then?

We are Theatre, JK and we created our first show together for a charity theatre festival in 2016. So as we have proved we are inherently altruistic… We thought this show had potential and continued to perform it multiple times, including at CoLab Theatre’s warehouse spaces in London Bridge. We then took a break from the work to finish our degrees (except Andrew) before being invited by Camden People’s Theatre to be part of SPRINT Festival 2017. Huzzah!
We each also make solo work which has been presented in a number of different contexts such as SPILL 2016, The Young Vic Platform, The Cockpit and Peopling the Palace festival.

There are three of us,

Conall, Franciska and Andrew.

Our two main performers are Andrew and Franciska – so who would you like to know more about?

Franciska (5)
Andrew? (2)

Theatre and Dragons, by Theatre, JK is on the 18th of March at 6 O’clock in the basement space. All you have to do now is get your ticket, take a seat, and join us on the journey.

Franciska hails from Budapest, Hungary. She brings the show her terrible accents and more importantly her excellent grammar. Franciska goes to the theatre more than anyone else I know so you might recognize her, except she’s blonde now and thus incognito. Her favorite actor is Mark Strong and she once met him in person. She likes to pretend that she is all sophisticated in her work as a director so this is probably the nerdiest thing you’ll ever see her do.

Now would you like to know more about the show? (6)

or not? (4)

Theatre and Dragons is a theatre choose your own adventure. Much like the choose your own adventure books we read as children (and possibly as adults…) it allows the audience to choose their own routes through stories.

We draw on multiple sources and appropriate effortlessly through the entirety of pop-cultural history. We give the audience a special chance at deciding their own fate by letting them make decisions which often lead us into bizarre and often uncomfortable places…

Much like this blog really… (wow, that’s meta).

Do you want to know what genres are on offer? (7)


Just skip straight to the end because you’re so excited to find out how and where to play this incredibly forward thinking and hilarious theatre show? (4)

The genres on offer in this iteration are: Film Noir, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Tween Movie, Superheroes and Meta theatre. Each genre has a distinctive tone and some genres even have two completely distinct story arcs to tread wearily down. And while these genres might seem playful, make no mistake: danger dwells in all of these routes, and a bad decision can cost you your life!

Are you up for the challenge? It’s time to press on, adventurers! (4)