Guest Blog: About Elephant & Castle- ‘I am a sleep talker’ by Tom Adams

In our latest blog, Tom speaks about his personal experience as a sleep walker and sleep talker. Tom Adams is a performer and composer who has performed nationally with his shows Still Score, How at the Mood, and My Dad, the Magician. He is married to Lillian, and have been married since 2013. 

They made “Elephant & Castle” a sleepwalking show, part gig, part musical, now performing at Camden People’s Theatre 9th-Oct20th. Book tickets here.

I am a sleep walker and sleep talker.

And it always gets worse when I am staying ina new house or new surroundings. For the last two weeks, I have been on tour, staying in new houses and new surroundings. However, I do not have my wife, Lilly with me who helps me in the night and lets me know in the morning what I have done.

One time, in a B&B in the Cotswolds during the peak of Summer, staying for just one night, I got up in my sleep and pissed on the carpet floor and on the desk. Lilly woke up and heard me doing it, but the next day, we couldn’t find the stain. The weather had been so hot, the urine had evaporated off. Lilly helps me as I can’t help myself in that state.

I have been on tour on my own and I don’t think I have been doing the above in anyone’s room. I may have been shouting out aggressively, which Lilly tells me I do.

Very soon, we are coming to Camden People’s Theatre to do a two-week run and I will be staying in a new house again in London. Or I might get the train home to Margate each night. It costs £20 extra, but it might be safer.