Guest Blog: Follow These 10 Steps and Join The Welcome Revolution!

In this blog post, Feat. Theatre give you 10 steps you can follow to start a Welcome Revolution.

The Welcome Revolution arrives at CPT as part of our Sprint 2018 festival on March 7 at 7:15PM. Get your tickets here.

Welcome is a radical act and we’re starting a revolt.

Here are 10 steps you can follow to join us in The Welcome Revolution.

  1. Invite local communities in Camden to have a Tea Party with you. Meet new people, offer them tea, cake and arts & crafts activities – like origami – and get the conversations flowing.
  2. Alternatively, come to a Tea Party that we have organised. Coming soon to a venue near you.
  3. Hang bunting in all communal spaces.
  4. Ask people what ‘welcome’ means to them; give them a smile.  
  5. Tour your tea parties around London with a small wheely-suitcase that’s filled with all your materials and an eight litre water urn.
  6. Make sure you go to the toilet before you tour and before you participate in any revolutionary activities – so much Tea can take its toll!
  7. Be political.
  8. Be gentle with your recruitment tactics, and give people time to come round and join in. This is, afterall, a peaceful revolution.
  9. Make an interactive show about welcome, where fictional story-telling is combined with real-life stories, inspired by aforementioned Tea Parties.
  10. Alternatively, buy a ticket to The Welcome Revolution, a show that we are already developing, and be welcomed to the revolution.