Guest Blog: Finding my way, home by Cairo Nevitt

Cairo Nevitt, a performer in BULLISH by Milk Presents, gives an insight into the creative process so far and how it relates to their own personal journey.  BULLISH  headlines Come As You Are: our latest festival of trans, nonbinary and gender queer theatre. 

As production week approaches I feel nervous and excited that Bullish will be opening in London and at the CPT!  My experience of working on Bullish has been completely different to any other production I have worked on, no day in the rehearsal process is ever the same. We have all been working very hard with developing new material. We just kept trying new things until we found the right fit…I have discovered what set is can very much be written again! This is as true as the message in one of the beautiful songs in Bullish. This is because the script and the story is constantly evolving, I guess like we are as people.

There have been some really great discussions in the room and I have truly learnt so much from working with everyone on the team. There is something really empowering about working with a LGBTQ cast, and with working with the writer & director L.J Skilbeck.

This will be my first professional stage debut since I began my transition, which has been a journey itself! As an actor in the process of transitioning I couldn’t have wished to work with a better company. I am so thankful. There was a point I thought I had to pick between my acting career and transitioning; I didn’t realize I could have both! Milk Presents came in my life at the right time, you could say they have helped me return home.

For me, Bullish is about finding yourself and giving yourself permission to be authentic. Authenticity is a beautiful thing and I think the Come As You Are Festival is a celebration! A celebration of being different and to being proud of who you are.

Join us, as you are.  We will be at the CPT from the 12th-30th September. Make sure you watch Bullish! See you beauties there! – Cairo Nevitt  Actor –Bullish.

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