Conrad Murray on Dreams & Streams

In the time of Covid19, when artists and venues have lost ways in which to show performance and create experiences for audiences, it is a perfect time to experiment with the platforms that establishments have but aren’t using.

Me and Paul wanted to create something which was a platform for artists to show what they could do, using these underused but existing platforms. We felt that venues which had audiences and followers were missing a trick.

After having these thoughts, we realised that this was something that could be happening all the time. It is a great way for access – for artists who can’t travel, and the same for audiences, too.

It also connects artists to venues who may not have done so before and it allows venues to start relationships with artists which their current systems and practices don’t allow.

As we have a great relationship with CPT, and we know that they are focused on creating brand new communities of artist/audience, and question what that might mean, we wanted to see if they would help to platform this idea. Of course, they jumped at the chance! (Thank you).

Me and Paul travel around the country and know many artists who are extremely talented that don’t know the path to venues and organisations. This often means that they don’t connect to different audiences, and don’t always get paid.

Coming from a working-class background, there were no well-trodden paths for me to follow. I didn’t know how to penetrate the performance world, and I always felt 10 steps (sometimes 10 years) behind. The terminology and the language, the contacts were alien to me.

Through luck, I have been able to work with some amazing people and know some amazing support networks. I feel like, as artists, we need to get in the habit to create opportunities for others. This can be hard as you are trying to navigate your own ideas and creating work- but it should be seen as part of your role as an artist. Otherwise, you are redundant.

We have created a pilot for an idea through Instagram to show different artists work. This is great for their mental health, creativity, annnnnd they are able to get MONEY (dirty word I know- but hey, it’s true).

CPT is an exciting physical venue. But it can also be a digital platform/venue and develop a community online using their creative singularity.

EYEB@LLZ Dreams & Streams will be live-streamed on CPT’s Instagram from 7-9pm Friday 25th September