Please note, this call out is now closed. Huge thanks to everyone who got in touch!

Theatre-maker & sound-designer Kieran Lucas is seeking participants for the development of his show Play For A White Male.

Kieran is seeking BAME and/or non-cisgendered and/or female artists, writers & theatre-makers to take part in informal interviews & discussions to help with the development and generation of material for this project. More information about this project is attached below and here.

Kieran is rehearsing in Exeter at the Bike Shed from the 18th-22nd July and in London at Camden People’s Theatre from the 25th-29th July.


PFAWM Landscape

Play For A White Male is an attempt to ask how and why we tell stories and whom these stories belong to. It is an attempt to disrupt the hegemony of the white male narrative perspective, performed by a white male, accompanied by an unprepared audience member.

“We’re going to have a conversation. We’re going to tell some stories. They’re not my stories, but if we work together, hopefully we can tell them.”

Kieran is a theatre-maker and sound designer and founding member of Barrel Organ. This is his first production under his own name. Developed at and supported by Camden People’s Theatre and The Bikeshed, Exeter.