Call for volunteers

Fuel call for volunteers

Phenomenal People is a project which was conceived by Fuel to shine a light on women whose stories are not widely known. It’s a fun, participatory and special live and digital event, created in collaboration with a team of fantastic artists, that celebrates stories of inspiring women from all walks of life. Find out more about the project here:

We are looking for volunteers with some experience in design, craft or another decorative pursuit to join our friendly team. We are aiming to create a natural garden in a bespoke installation inside each venue for the public to experience the event in. You will be working closely with both our production manager and set designer to create this. Possible tasks include (but are not limited to):

− painting
− placing of set
− laying of real turf, branches and leaves to create the garden
− dressing space with set designer

Volunteers should wear comfortable clothes for the above activities that they don't mind getting a little dirty. Ideally in London you would attend one session each day so that we can work closely with you to build the garden but there is some flexibility. We’ll provide lunch and/or refreshments!

Camden People's Theatre

Tuesday 7th October (10am – 2pm) or (2pm – 6pm) : Turf laying
Wednesday 8th October (10am – 2pm) or (3pm – 7pm) : Set dressing


Wednesday 15th October (10am – 2pm) or (2pm – 6pm) : Set dressing

If you are interested please reply to [email protected], including full contact details and your availability, with a brief paragraph about your relevant experience and why you’re interested. This opportunity is only available to those aged 18 and over.