Brothers of Justice R&D week

Joe and Lawrence on their week of development in our basement

Another week beavering away in CPT’s Basement. This project always feels at home here, having started its life as part of Starting Blocks back in February.

So much has changed in the work since then. We have been out on patrols all over London, we have met others from the Real Life Super Hero movement, we have revolutionised our working practice under the guidance of New Art Clubs Pete Shenton. So much has changed and yet we are still tussling with some of the fundamental ideas about the show, and our reasons for making it.

Tackling the icon of the super hero, the creation of our own alter ego’s and balancing our actions in the real world against our desires for the theatre piece takes us through waves of joy, and torrents of turmoil. Having developed and written a rap to communicate the neurological basis for empathy, we decide it is not quite right, and anyway our rapping skills need a little polishing. The section is redeveloped, and the rap, like so much of the material we have made this year, is put into the ‘not this show’ pile.

The week is equally peppered with magic and hilarity along with occasional surfacing for air and sunlight. Our lunchtimes are spent sending emails and chatting with the brilliant Sh!t Theatre and giving fliers to the various theatre types that flock in and out of the CPT foyer. Sometimes we have a tea, sometimes we put on our costumes and go to fight crime. The next time we are at CPT will be the week of our show. Anon, the people of Camden, we will see you at your theatre.

You can catch Brothers of Justice at CPT from 23 – 25 October. Find out more here.