Artist2Artist: Kelly Jones & Self-Care

Artist2Artist is our new blog series where we ask artists to share the tips and tricks that have helped them pivot their practice and grow as an artist.

This week Kelly Jones shares her thoughts about self-care and the practices she has discovered during lockdown.


I’ve been told I can be really hard on myself. I don’t take breaks and I ain’t good at
self-care. I have only recently realised that self-care is a part of my job, thanks to lockdown…

During lockdown I felt proper lazy, and Twitter helped me verify that. It seemed like
everyone in ‘theatre world’ was seeing all the online shows, doing all the applications and
generally smashing it. Obviously, that wasn’t the case.

At the beginning of the 1 st lockdown, I was very lucky to be paired with a mentor
(Chinonyerem Odimba) who taught me a few things about looking after myself. It was
BRAND NEW INFORMATION and I thought I’d share some of it with you.

Simply, selfcare is about doing something for yourself. Something that isn’t about a job or
ticking something off a to do list. It doesn’t have to cost anything, it’s not about candles and
meditation; although it can be, if that’s your bag. It literally can be anything and take any
amount of time.

These are some of the things I do:
Breathe (In: 5, Hold: 5, Out: 10)
Sit and drink a cup of tea
Have a posh bath
Sing to my dog
Listen to a Podcast
Go for a walk
Watch Married at First Sight
Laugh (Shout-out to The Defectors)

This is a bit of weird time so whatever you do, make sure you’re not being too hard on
yourself and putting your needs first.

Things to check out:
Industry Minds, Rubyyy Jones’ EveryBodyyyy Dance sessions, Yoga with Adrienne and

About the Artist:

Kelly Jones is a working-class playwright and theatre-maker from Dagenham. She was the winner of the BBC Drama Award in 2014. She has recently completed the Emerging Playwrights Program at The Bush Theatre. Currently on Hightide’s Playwrights cohort and Mercury Theatre’s Essex Voices. Kelly writes about the autobiographical with an emphasis on queerness, class and her relationship to home. Recent credits include: ‘Room to Escape’ (BBC Arts) ‘Comma’ (Sherman Theatre) ‘Garden Paradiso’ (Mercury Theatre) ‘Tammy’ (Queens Theatre Hornchurch) ‘The people’s platform’ (Commonwealth).

Twitter: @KMJwriter