An interview with Superbolt Theatre

We chat to the guys from Superbolt Theatre to find out more about Centralia and The Uncanny Valley, coming to CPT this week.

What are the shows about?

The Uncanny Valley is about a man and a robot who fall in love. Centralia sees the last three remaining inhabitants of Centralia, Pennsylvania put on a show about their curious lives and the disaster that befell their home. 


Describe them in three words each.

The Uncanny Valley: Quirky. Fun. Touching. 

Centralia: Original. Hilarious. Bizarre.


How has the creative process worked for each show?

Centralia was the first piece we created as a company and it is the piece that has undergone the most transformations in the time we've performed it. We loved the idea of having real people tell their story and do their best to put on a good show, and finding the balance between amateur and professional was a great challenge. We're always open to change and this 'never satisfied' attitude is what I think helps make Centralia so unique. 

The Uncanny Valley was a whole other set of challenges. How to put the future on stage!? We knew from the start we didn't want it to be all about effects and tricks, instead we focused on using a 'home-made' aesthetic that we developed with Centralia and which now has become a sort of Superbolt style. 


What made you decide to create Centralia The Uncanny Valley?

Centralia really came out of the desire to launch our company with an original and fun show. One of our number told us the true story of Centralia when we were training in Paris and we all found it fascinating. The story itself is amazing but we knew we needed an extra layer, so we created our characters and the rest as they say… 

The Uncanny Valley was born from the fascinating world of Science Fiction. There isn't much sci-fi in theatre and we knew this would present a great world for us to explore. We had done some experimenting with 'robots' in theatre school and knew that the area had dramatic potential. The love story came very naturally, we believe The Uncanny Valley's message will become increasingly relevant to our society as time goes on, we wanted to tackle these issues early on! Oh, and we had the idea WAY before 'Her' came out.


What do you hope your audience will feel?

Both our shows are extremely entertaining and fun to watch. We want people to laugh and be touched by the characters and their stories. We also want people learn something new in the process, perhaps even about themselves. 


What’s next for you and the shows?

Both shows tour quite a bit! The Uncanny Valley is off to the Lakeside Theatre in May and Centralia tours Norway in the Autumn. 2014 is going to be a great year for these two shows but we're also planning on writing something new…. so stay tuned!


You can catch Centralia here on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and The Uncanny Valley on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.