Guest Blog: About Nosocomial by Chris Connor

In our latest blog, Chris Connor (a Specialist Biomedical Scientist at Great Ormond Street Hospital) imagines how the staff working in a hospital might be likened to a company staging a play and what he has taken away from his time working on Nosocomial. 

Nosocomial runs Thursday 20 – Saturday 22 September, featured in Camden Underground, our festival of subterranean delights. Book tickets here. 

Nursing shortages.
GP crisis.
Doctors strike.
You see it all the time.
In the papers.  On TV.
What you never hear mentioned are healthcare scientists.
Probably because most of them tend to be hidden away.

Imagine a hospital as a play in a theatre.
The actors on stage would be the doctors, nurses and other frontline staff you see when you visit. Healthcare scientists would be the staff backstage, out of sight but equally important, ensuring the actors have what they need when they need it.  They are there, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, using science and technology to generate information that doctors need to diagnose, prevent and treat a wide range of medical conditions.
80% of patient diagnoses rely on this information.

These workshops were a fantastic opportunity for scientists from a wide range of healthcare backgrounds to come together and collaborate with playwright Nicola Baldwin, actors and other theatre staff to produce a play for Camden People’s Theatre.

What struck me the most while attending the Nosocomial workshops was how someone like myself, who has worked in the field of healthcare science for almost twenty years, could have no idea how many different branches of healthcare science there were.

Biomedical engineers.
Clinical perfusionists.

The list goes on…

Hopefully Nosocomial will help to promote healthcare science to the wider community as this is an ever-evolving area that, at some point, will touch upon all of our lives.

Chris Connor
Biomedical Scientist
low Cytometry Laboratory,
Great Ormond Street Hospital,