10 second teaser for Fanny Hill v2.0

We chatted to Tess and Cheryl from TheatreState about The Fanny Hill Project v2.0, landing at CPT next week.

What is the show about?

The Fanny Hill Project v2.0 explores Tess’ experience of working in a foot fetish club (to fund an arts internship) alongside an eighteenth century porno account of a young woman’s life as a prostitute. We use drinking games, pillow fights and competition to satirize how women’s stories are simplified, sexed up and made ridiculous.


Describe it in three words 

Hilarious, disorientating, disturbing


How has the creative process worked for the show?

The show has been developed from Tess’s real life testimony and an eighteenth century fiction. It’s a pretty weird link to rationalise so we spent a lot of time cursing ourselves for making life so difficult. Other than that we made a list of everything we loved/were disturbed by in popular culture that we thought was present in Fanny Hill. Then we made up some dance routines.


What made you decide to create The Fanny Hill Project v2.0?

After reading the report on women in the media by Equality Now, Object, End Violence Against Women and Eaves for the Leveson Investigation we were really disturbed by sexism in the media and struggled with how difficult it was to discuss and make the link it to wider discrimination and violence. For us, the best shows are made about feelings and ideas that can’t be summarised neatly and so this was our starting point.


What do you hope your audience will feel?

We want the audience to feel entertained and unsettled. Like watching Saturday night television on repeat.


What’s next for you and the show?

We are really excited to be taking the show to The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter from 6th May-17th May. Then we are developing a new piece inspired by sleepovers for Night Watch, an all night performance event at Cambridge Junction.


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Check out the trailer here