Our programming

Mission statement

Our mission is to support young and emerging artists making inventive new theatre – particularly about issues that matter to people right now. By doing so, we will champion different ways of thinking about and living in the world. Our work is rooted in the communities of Camden and London more widely, and through it, we celebrate the bold, the spirited and the unconventional. By presenting a diverse range of voices and perspectives on our stage, our work speaks to an audience reflective of the makeup of the UK.

What we programme – and how

Under the artistic leadership of Brian Logan, we have prioritised innovative theatre and performance that addresses the issues that matter to people now, ensuring the theatre on our stages reaches a wide audience and contributes to an industry with the power to make change.

Bullish by Milk Presents, commissioned by CPT for our gender-positive festival Come As You Are (autumn 2017) (c) Field and McGlynn

Recent examples of our work include: our 2018 festival ‘Common People’, exploring working-class experience, identity and representation;  Whose London is it Anyway? (Jan 2016), a festival of regeneration and the housing crisis headlined by in-house production This is Private Property; Gameshow & Emily Lim’s Grown Up (Mar & Nov 2016), a play about the questions children want to ask adults, created with and starring children from Netley Primary; Tom Marshman’s Kings Cross Remix (Jun 2016; returning May 2017), a Heritage Lottery Fund supported project exploring the LGBT heritage of the local area Licensed to Ill (Dec 2015), a hit music theatre show exploring the history of hip-hop through the story of the Beastie Boys; and No Milk for the Foxes (May 2015), our co-production with Beats and Elements of a new beatbox theatre show about class and social status.

CPT works to a festival-driven programming model, whereby we stage 3-4 festivals annually, often themed around issues of social, political or cultural currency. We programme these festivals in part through open call for submissions – advertised on this website and distributed widely.

Around these festivals, we stage an (almost) year-round curated programme of the best new theatre we can find from the country’s most distinctive independent artists – particularly those who’re early in their career. The length of a run at CPT can vary from 1 – 3 nights to one-week runs to (less frequently) three-week runs. If you’re interested in being part of our curated programme, you should:

  • Email us with information about your project
  • Include documentation, video footage, reviews & testimonies where possible
  • Invite us to sharings, open rehearsals, etc as appropriate

We try and see as much work as we can. If we can’t make it, we try and send someone on our behalf.

We also offer six seed commissions annually for artists of colour – which includes a small cash commission, in-kind rehearsal space (plus onward support where possible), and a place in our public programme of work. Keep an eye on our opportunities page and join the mailing list to hear about seed commissions and call-outs first.

Work that features in our curated seasons of work is usually programmed on the basis of a box-office split – usually 60/40 in artists’ favour.

The best way to find out about our programming is to join us for an evening and catch some shows. Browse our full programme here.

Outside of our curated programme, we also hire out our theatre and rehearsal space. For longer hires (1 week or more), our availability is best between June and August. However we’re always happy to hear from you. Head to our Hire Us page to find out more info.