Projects in development

A whole host of artists and companies are constantly developing and rehearsing new work at CPT, and with CPT’s support. Some will play a prominent part in future CPT seasons. Some will light up the theatre landscape elsewhere. At any given time, it would be impossible to itemise them all, but we like to give you sneak previews on this page of some of the projects with which currently we’re most involved. Including (as of early 2018)…

The Cult of K*nzo
Paula Varjack
Paula fell in love with high fashion imagery at an early age; growing up, her mum had subscriptions to multiple fashion magazines. High fashion is an art-form built on exclusivity. People who love but can’t afford high art can view it in a gallery. People who love but can’t afford high fashion may feel uncomfortable even walking into a high fashion store.
So: how great is the divide between high street and high-end? Who shops in these stores and how?  What is the psychology behind the desire to buy and own labels and how do brands manufacture that desire? The Cult of K*nzo has been seed commissioned by CPT and developed via our partnership with Barbican Open Labs.

Emer Mary Morris
PLEASE HOLD is a research project using theatre, spoken word, songs and movement to explore everyday violence at the hands of the state and how, together, we can find ways to undermine it. Whether through the housing, immigration, disability, unemployment or criminal justice systems; services which claim to be in the public interest use quiet tactics of bureaucracy, uniforms and gatekeeping to disempower, humiliate and subordinate us.
PLEASE HOLD is created by artists involved in 2016 CPT hit Land of the Three Towers.

Luca Rutherford’s Political Party
Luca Rutherford with Alex Swift
Luca knows how to bullshit her way into making you think she knows about politics. Luca doesn’t actually know very much about politics. Luca knows she is confused and overwhelmed. Part of Luca thinks that smiling at people in the street changes the world. The rest of Luca thinks that’s a shit excuse to do nothing of any significance. Luca thinks democracy is messy and there is too much nastiness. Luca thinks she is part of the problem. Political Party is a show about how we do politics, instead of talking about it or being a politician. It previewed as part of our ‘Shape of Things to Come’ fortnight in November 2017.

Crimson Wave
Louise Wilcox and Louisa Sanfrey
Now I will perform ‘woman’... We all recognise the signifiers of ‘female’ – but what do they actually mean, and why do so many people seem to equate ‘woman’ with ‘less’? If we deconstruct the idea or performance of female, what’s left? Crimson Wave explores ownership of the female body taking inspiration from drag and clown techniques to push female signifiers to their limits in a grotesque display of gender.  Louise Wilcox and Louisa Sanfey are members of the international theatre collective Bez Kinte.

High Rise (E)state of Mind
Beats & Elements
A new show that explores why we need safe clean homes for all and shared fairly, told through beats and songs, using living looping and beatboxing. Set in the future and now (although now is pretty much the Victorian age with added foodbanks), it explores the current housing crisis, and the psychological effects and anxieties that our homes (or lack of) have on us. High Rise eState of Mind premieres as part of our ‘Common People’ festival in April 2018, and is created by the company behind 2015 CPT hit No Milk for the Foxes.

The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale
Haley McGee
This is a show about the cost of love. Or, what love costs us. Inspired by Haley’s realisation that all the possessions she might be able to sell – a bicycle, a diamond necklace, a vintage typewriter, a guitar (etc) – were gifts from people she’d dated.  Since then, she’s been trying to figure out what the items should be priced at, taking into account all the ways she invested (time, emotion, money) in the relationships they’re associated with.
Part-art installation, part yard sale, part personal divulgence and part mathematical equation, The EBYS was developed on CPT’s Starting Blocks 2017 scheme, and is the winner of the 2017 CPT/Wilderness commission

Maa-Yarkor Addo and Company Three
A new play exploring the relationships between black girls and older black women, made and performed by teenage girls from Company Three. This fun, brave and loving play is our attempt to unpick what ‘Aunty’ really means. To find her in all her complexities and truths. To have the conversations we never have. Aunty was seed commissioned by CPT and scratched as part of our November 2017 ‘Shape of Things to Come’ festival.

Also in Spring 2018, we support the development of six extraordinary new projects as part of our annual Starting Blocks scheme. Details on those can be found here.