FLIM NITE presents Matilda

Presented by FLIM NITE What would Matilda look like chewed up and spat out by theatremakers, writers, comedians and musicians? Watch as our acts distort a Danny DeVito-directed fantasy comedy into something ridiculous, beautiful or unrecognisable for your viewing pleasure. We have entrusted each performer with a chunk of the film to re-enact, riff around, mash up or explode. There’s … Read more


Presented by Claire Gaydon All you need is a camera, an internet connection and something to say. Last year, 34% of young people voted YouTuber as their top career choice. Claire was intrigued. She decided to have a go. Part documentary, part live performance, part parody, part desperate as f*ck, Claire does everything she can to entertain her online audience. … Read more

The Promised Land

Presented by Rhiannon & Scott It’s OK. Don’t be scared. It’s all going to be fine now.  We are just going to sit here and wait for the world to end. A story of a childhood in a doomsday cult. Rhiannon is thirteen and has a recurring dream about the end of the world.  She is not like her classmates; there are … Read more

STAMP: Marketing For Cash and Time-Poor Theatre-Makers

Build your brand. Raise your profile. Help sell tickets to your work. Knowing how to market your show, company or self is a complex and increasingly important skill that is an essential part of any artists toolkit. STAMP present a new panel discussion packed with hints and tips for artists and companies on low cost and efficient ways to market … Read more

I Promise You That Tonight

Presented by Tom Cassani Using the rhetoric of the showman, miracle-monger and sceptic, Cassani will proselytize pedal and preach the importance of remaining wary of those who make extraordinary claims. Turning water into glass. Turning waiting into accepting is a hard thing to do. Lying is done with words and also silence. None of this is impossible but it’s OK … Read more

Empty Room

Presented by Miriam Gould Empty Room is about a family held together by music. Onstage a jazz singer talks about her daughter and sings about her lover. Backstage a sax player rants about art and addiction and coping with fatherhood in between. And in a classroom, an idealistic teenager (over)shares her passion for Dmitri Shostakovich and the importance of music … Read more

Big Bang

An explosive night of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge. Expect brand new works-in-progress, never-before-seen ideas and some of the freshest work from the UK’s most innovative and exciting theatre-makers. Loner by Alex Legge Loner is part comedy gig, part pop concert, part-collective-karaoke-catharsis. Loneliness has officially been declared an epidemic. It’s more dangerous than smoking 15 cigarettes … Read more

Sh!t Theatre Drink Rum With Expats.

Presented by Sh!t Theatre Celebrating their final year as Europeans, island-monkeys Becca and Louise got invited to the 2018 European Capital of Culture in Malta, having missed out on Hull last year. They went to drink rum with Brits abroad but found a lot more than they expected. Lads on tour Sh!t Theatre want to talk about home, your home, … Read more


“I would like to ask the British what visa they had when they ruled us for 150 years?” Britain colonised 25% of the Earth’s land surface, subjugated 500 million people and justified the mass violence as a civilising mission. In the UK, migrants, refugees and those seeking asylum are scapegoated, detained without charge, interrogated, forced into destitution, deported without warning, … Read more


Presented by Harry Josephine Giles and Co. A live jam of sound, visuals and poetry, telling the true story of a military drone’s life and fears. The Drone is part weapons system, part office worker, part tense background hum. The bleak humour and tender fury of Drone sees the unmanned aerial vehicle as the technology of a neurotic century, surveilled and … Read more