GUEST BLOG: Blackcatfishmusketeer – Silly Titles and Depicting The Internet

You’re probably wondering about the title. Fair. The starting point for Blackcatfishmusketeer was me being a bit obsessed with the story of Cyrano. Ignoring the swordfights and tricking people into marriages, it’s a story about people who are afraid that the better you know them the less you’ll love them; that’s a theme that doesn’t get old. They disguise themselves, … Read more


Presented by MALAPROP Theatre LOVE+ is a one-woman two-hander about the inevitability of human/robot relationships, devised by the MALAPROP company which includes director Claire O’Reilly, performers Breffni Holahan and Maeve O’Mahony, and Verity Bargate Award-winning writer Dylan Coburn Gray. It asks: What happens to romance when there’s a machine who cooks for you, cleans for you, never forgets your birthday … Read more

Black Catfish Musketeer

Presented by MALAPROP Theatre BlackCatfishMusketeer marks the London debut of Verity Bargate Award-winning writer Dylan Coburn Gray. It’s about people getting to know each other through screens, and the presentation of old themes in rather new situations. It’s about trust, doubt, closeness at a distance, and being worried you’ll die alone and your cats will eat you. It mightn’t look … Read more