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Guest Blog: Interview with Creators of ‘Mr Mineshaft’

Director Griffith Rees and performer Oluwafemi Nylander discuss the surprises that arise in the rehearsal process and why Mr Mineshaft is an important and timely piece of theatre.  Mr Mineshaft arrives at CPT on Dec 15-16 at 9pm, get your tickets … Read more

Guest Blog: Keisha Thompson from ‘Man On the Moon’

Keisha Thompson writes about her love for numbers as well as words and how mathematics helped her make sense of the world. Man On The Moon arrives at CPT on Dec 12-13 at 7pm, get your tickets here.  Sometimes people are … Read more

Guest Blog: Letters from ‘Anne Meets Jeffrey’ Creators

Emma Berentsen and Tiffany Murphy write letters to each other reflecting on their personal and artistic journeys to creating Anne Meets Jeffrey. Anne Meets Jeffrey arrives at CPT on Dec 13-14 at 9pm, get your tickets here.  London, 5 December 2017 … Read more