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CPT is a central London space dedicated year-round to supporting early-career artists making unconventional theatre – particularly those whose work explores issues that matter to people now.

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December 2016


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Guest Blog: Paula Varjack

As part of our Guest Blog this week, Paula Varjack (Show Me The Money 14-15 Oct 9pm) writes about what she’s planned for our windows and why she’s doing it.  For more of her blog, head to www.showmethemon3y.tumblr.com the politics of … Read more…

Guest blog: Imogen Butler-Cole

TRIGGER WARNING – this piece contains descriptions of sexual assault that some may find upsetting. I have been sexually assaulted three times on three separate occasions by three different men. They were the kinds of assaults that we do not … Read more…

Guest Blog: The Ruby Dolls

We know Bluebeard of old. We grew up with the Perrault fairytale and suffered the nightmares about the headless wives. We discovered Angela Carter and her sex n’ death gothic wildness just as we were exploring our own sexuality. This … Read more…