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Guest Blog: Nikhil Vyas on Progress

In this blog post, Nikhil Vyas of Trip Hazards Theatre explores what Dance Dance Revolution can reveal about the nature of friendship.  Progress is on Thur 10 – Sat 12 Oct at 7:15 and 5:00pm. Click here for tickets. The … Read more

Guest Blog: Plaster Cast Collective on the Trans Nightclub Experience

In this blog post, Ayden and Lizzie speak about their experiences as trans people in the queer club scene and the inspiration for the show Sound Cistem Catch it on Thur 3 – Fri 4 Oct at 7:15 pm. Click … Read more

Guest Blog: Tom Marshman on A Haunted Existence

In this blog post, Tom Marshman reflects on the dark days in the 1950’s when homosexuality was illegal and how that inspired his new show: A Haunted Existence. Catch it on Wed 2 – Fri 4 Oct at 9pm. Click … Read more